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We are a very small church in Fort Worth, Texas and was in need of a new bus, since I am the treasurer of the church the burden of looking for and finding the right bus landed on me. Well, I didn’t look long, I think Century Bus Sales was my second website I looked on and the bus I was looking for was right before me and I immediately gave Gregg a call to get the details on the bus and work out any and all options. The first question I asked was, what the bottom dollar on the sale, that’s a good Baptist for you, lol. Seriously, we spoke about 10 minutes on the phone, I asked him the important questions and he said he would have to speak with his dad, he told me he would call me back in 5 minutes, I think it was 3 minutes later and he told me that I would like the deal he and his dad was offering, he was right. I had asked him for few more details about the bus and Gregg gladly sent them to my phone and said he wanted to make sure I knew every detail of the bus and that nothing was left uncovered, and we really appreciate their honesty. I ask if they could deliver and how much this option would cost, Gregg ask me when we needed it and I told him we had a church function on December 8th 2018 and he said that that would not be a problem. Now this is the week before Thanksgiving and I’m thinking as long as we get it the week after we should be good, well Gregg calls me back and ask if I could meet him that night and take him to the airport if he dropped it off that evening, this is Thursday morning about 7:30 a.m. and by 11:30 a.m. he is on his way to Fort Worth, Texas. I made the deposit on the bus and he delivered as promised, kept me informed of his progress throughout the trip and said he would be at my church at 9:15 p.m. and he was on time. Gregg and his dad delivered as promised and the bus was exactly as he had said it was and we as a Church at Faith Baptist couldn’t be happier. Great customer service, honesty and Gregg and his dad at Century Bus Sales are great people to work with, I recommend anyone looking to buy a bus, call Century and get the experience and customer service you deserve.
John Mathis, Faith Baptist Church, Ft Worth, Texas
Incredible service! Gregg went above and beyond for us as we found a new vehicle. Answered questions no matter what the time, allowed us to test drive until we felt comfortable, and patiently waited as we sorted out details and paperwork. I wouldn’t recommend any other place. Century Bus Sales is a true family shop and they make you feel right at home. It was worth the drive to find our perfect new tour bus. Thanks!
Alexis Hileman
This dealership is the real deal. Helped me find a bus for a county nursing home that could comfortably and safely transport our residents to doctors appointments and community outings. Both Greg's and their mechanic go out of their way to assure the buyer has had an honest and stress free purchase experience.
Carol Minor
Fantastic overall experience! Highly recommend if you are looking for a great bus!!
Bart Scott
Century Bus has been great to deal with. They have gone out of their way to accommodate us. We can be high maintenance and they have helped find the right fit for us.
Joe King
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